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Reminiscing about growing up in countries scattered across the globe, six MISO employees view diversity at MISO as a key asset. In the  “Celebration of Diversity” panel at the All Hands forum on December 17, six MISO employees shared with their colleagues how these rich international experiences have shaped their various personalities and workstyles at MISO, yet they all share similar commitments to
What skills did you learn in the military that have benefitted you in your job at MISO? That was one of the questions posed to MISO employee-veterans at the MISO Salutes its Veterans panel discussion on Veterans Day, 2020, as part of the employee All Hands forum.

Seven MISO veterans representing four out of the five U.S. military branches shared stories about their military training, education and
MISO's 2019 Community Impact Report highlights the numerous MISO programs and initiatives that underpin community service and diversity and inclusion. Its format has changed, utilizing the new CEROS animation tool, which displays many graphics and photos to bring the report to life.

The MISO vision is to the most reliable, value-creating RTO. This vision extends far beyond the worksite walls and
There is no doubt that in the current business environment we find an ever-present need for efficient, collaborative technologies within organizations. While much collaboration typically happens in person, there are numerous reasons that help to support the claim that proper virtual communication is crucial. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, companies, including MISO, have realized
Vibrant colors. Family-centric. Flavorful foods. These are but a few of the trademarks of Hispanic culture. Each year since 1988, Americans recognize and celebrate the Hispanic and Latino Americans who are descendants of people from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Their rich heritage, culture and history is the centerpiece of the National Hispanic Heritage Month, observed