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After a celebratory group photo, the planning committee and I were able to step back and appreciate the result of months of hard work.  Women IN Energy held its third annual conference in late October gathering energy professionals from across several sectors to discuss innovation, technology and the role women play in the industry. This small but mighty group of planning committee members consists
EXERCISE – EXERCISE – EXERCISE: “Five million people are without power across the Eastern United States in what is being described as a coordinated physical and cyber attack against the bulk power system.”

 On November 13-14, MISO reenacted a scenario similar to this fictional headline. Thankfully it was not real but was part of an important biannual NERC-sponsored grid security exercise known
In four filled conference rooms on Veterans Day 2019, MISO employees gathered with over 35 self-identified MISO employee-veterans to honor them for their service to this country. The “MISO Thanks Its Veterans” event, held at Carmel, Eagan and Little Rock provided a great opportunity for the MISO employee-veterans to receive the thanks they so richly deserve.

John Bear spoke to the MISO employees
MISO recently filed proposed Tariff revisions to implement the market procurement of Short-Term Reserves. Short-Term Reserve may be provided by online resources and offline resources that can come online and produce energy within 30 minutes. The Short-Term Reserve product design leverages features from existing reserve products, but is a separately cleared product serving Local, Sub-Regional, and Market-Wide
In this customer-centric world, customer ratings matter; customer experiences matter even more. The successful enterprise consistently asks its customers about their recent experiences or interactions with that enterprise. It puts the customer at the center of its focus as it decides how to improve and enhance its services.  Whether you are a hospital, restaurant or electric company, your interactions