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MISO recently recognized our 2020 graduates, including Cindy Lee's son, Ethan. In our most recent employee spotlight, she reflects on her 16-year career at MISO as a working parent.

Many years ago, I remember thinking of the year “2020” and it seemed so far away. This was brought to light when my son, Ethan, was just a toddler and attended a birthday party where he was given a tiny, white t-shirt
COVID-19  has upended the lives of many Americans. Its path of destruction knows no boundaries. We eagerly await the creation of a vaccine or other therapy to stop this menace in its tracks. Such work is underway. Safi Bahcall in the Wall Street Journal writes that “…nearly all the major players in drug discovery and development have taken matters into their own hands. The goal of their insider-only
Nerves of steel, quick decision-making, clear and concise communications. These are the skills that readily come to mind when picturing a race car driver, emergency room doctor, or an air traffic controller. Picture, also, the operators and managers in the MISO Control Centers.

Nothing in our lifetime is impacting our lives and the national economy as the COVID -19 pandemic. It forcefully ends people’s
Identifying where congestions are expected in the MISO footprint is now at your fingertips with the launch of the MISO POI Self-check Tool on the MISO website

The ingenuity and collaboration of four MISO employees (Ron Dawson, Paul Duer, Tung Nguyen, and Kun Zhu) led to the creation and deployment of the MISO “Points of Interconnection (POI)” Self-check Tool. Collaborating with the MISO team was
MISO has been ramping up its intellectual property program by accelerating research work and involving more external partners and collaborators. To do this, several MISO colleagues have collaborated as teams to develop the innovative ideas and formulate the exacting design specifics, while adapting along the way.

All the brainpower, innovation and energy spent in the research, creation, and design