Its All About that Base

MISO posted the first draft of the 2015 MISO Transmission Expansion Plan or MTEP15 and in the words of Meghan Trainor, “It’s all about that base” with a proposal for 85 baseline reliability projects totaling $1.2 billion. Additionally, the draft report call for $97.6 million for new generator interconnection projects and another $1.09 billion in transmission projects that support lower-voltage transmission or provide local, rather than regional, economic benefits. MISO South is home to six of the 10 largest projects, totaling $844.2 million, in the MTEP15 report.

The draft MTEP15 identified just one Market Efficiency Project (MEP) designated for cost-share among MISO’s North and Central planning zones. MEPs qualify for cost-share when they provide regional economic benefits through multi-year and multi-future planning scenarios. Additionally, only facilities operating at voltages of 345kV and higher can qualify for cost-share and the project cost must be greater than $5M with a benefit to cost ratio or 1.25 or higher. The transition period language introduced to MISO’s Tariff, to accommodate the integration of MISO South in Dec. 2013, excludes the MISO South Planning Regions from contributing to the project.

Each of MISO’s five Planning Regions held Sub-regional Planning Meetings over the course of the year to review the projects specific to their region. The Sub-regional Planning Meetings provided final input to the MTEP15 process through the August Planning Subcommittee and the Planning Advisory Committee meetings.

Stakeholders can expect to see the next draft of the MTEP15 report by September 14 with the substantive comment deadline of September 28. The final review of MTEP15 takes place at the Planning Advisory Committee meeting on Oct. 14 in Metairie, LA. There, MISO stakeholders will vote to approve the transmission projects in MTEP15. Upon PAC approval, MISO’s System Planning Committee of the Board of Directors will review the draft report during its November meeting and determine its recommendation for approval by MISO’s Board of Directors’ (BOD) on December 10.

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