Prepared to Peak

As heat penetrated the four states in MISO South, electric energy customers fired up their air conditioners seeking refuge from the 100+ degree temperatures felt across the South region. This seemingly insignificant act for most Americans, is something MISO engineers and grid operators prepare for all year long. And MISO Operators were ready to coordinate generation dispatch with our members as electric consumption soared across the South. On July 29, MISO South set a new all-time peak at 32,618 megawatts (MW). The previous all-time peak for the South Region was 31,789 MW set on August 3, 2011.

Ensuring electric generators and demand response resources are available to serve increased, and often unexpected, electric consumption while respecting the limitations of transmission lines is both a science and an art. MISO engineers use highly technical and extremely intelligent computer systems to analyze the transmission system, available electric generators and forecasted electric use by both large and small consumers across the footprint. The results of these analysis help MISO operators prepare the grid to reliably deliver power where it needs to go. In addition, MISO computer systems scan over 250,000 data points on the transmission system providing operations with new information every four seconds.

This real-time knowledge, along with advanced training and experience, positions MISO operators to make steadfast decisions – resulting in reliable energy delivery – even on the hottest and coldest days of the year.

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