MISO Members Give Back All Year Long

As an independent organization with over 175 members who do so much more than provide electricity, we wanted to use our first blog of 2016 to recognize some of our members for their on-going commitment to bettering their communities and beyond through education, economic development and charitable giving.

With so many members doing great things; we couldn’t possibly include them all here so we’re going to keep this train moving throughout 2016. If your organization is out in the community, we want to help you share the news.

Use the #PowerfulGiving on Twitter and LinkedIn and we’ll promote it on our social media channels too!


Each day, nearly 7 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for electrical shock or burn injuries caused by tampering with a wall outlet.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says 70 percent of child-related electrical accidents occur at home when adult supervision is present. Websites like Ameren’s Kids Act on Energy and IPL’s Safety 101 provide parents, teachers, and children with games, puzzles and worksheets that teach kids how to use energy safely and responsibly.  MidAmerican’s Simply Electrifying site explores both above ground and underground safety – taking into account its natural gas resources. The Teacher Feature in South Mississippi Electric’s Kid Korner is another great resource for electrical safety information that is fun and engaging.


U.S. elementary schools devote an average of 2.3 hours each week to science.  That’s down 43 minutes since 1994. Moreover, 54% of the nation’s 4th graders and 47% of its 8th graders report that they “never or hardly ever” write reports about science projects. Thirty-nine percent of 8th graders report that they “never or hardly ever” design a science experiment. Xcel Energy’s Energy Classroom and e-mentors program, NIPSCO’s IN-POWER, Madison Gas & Electric’s Library & school Partnerships as well as the Westar Foundation partner with local schools in support of programs that promote STEM education, develop workforce skills and enhance personal development.

Charitable Giving

In 2014, 14.8% of Americans lived in poverty. Ten percent were seniors and 21% were children.

Poverty forces Americans to make a decision between paying for food and paying for power. MISO members are helping these Americans everyday through programs like Entergy’s The Power to Care and Consumers Energy’s PeopleCare. These programs along with “Gifts of Energy” programs run by  Vectren, Exelon, We-Energies, Consumers Energy, Ameren encourage and facilitate contributions from their employees, shareholders and customers. During its annual Power to Care week, NextEra employees packaged more than 31,000 meals for children in need.

Community Restoration / Economic Development:

Habitat loss due to destruction, fragmentation or natural degradation is the primary threat to the survival of wildlife in the United States.  Check out this video about the Osprey’s Return to the Huron to see how ITC Holdings is supporting restoration in areas of the country that have been adversely affected by human activities. Other programs, like Alliant Energy’s Operation ReLeaf offer residential utility customers the opportunity to purchase landscaping trees at discounted rates. These trees provide long-term savings by shading homes and creating wind breaks.

Company’s like Iberdrola and NRG support restoration and development abroad.  Iberdola’s Just2Challenge manifests its commitment to contain global warming under 2°C. Employees at NRG have been volunteering in Haiti ever since the nation was devastated by an earthquake in 2010. Not only does NRG help install solar panels for schools and even fish farms, volunteers also partner with local business owners and community-building organizations to create jobs and stimulate the economy in Haiti.

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