MISO Employees Share the Love on Employee Appreciation Day


“I am blessed to work with a group of exceptional individuals.  MISO is an industry leader due to the dedication and innovation of our employees.  Through your efforts and those of our stakeholders, MISO has grown to a footprint that spans from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and established a leadership position in the industry.  MISO creates around $3 billion a year in annual benefits for our members and their customers.  The opportunity to work with such engaged, intelligent people, focused on creating value for consumers in a rapidly changing industry, inspires me on a daily basis.  When we asked some of our employees what they like most about working at MISO, many of them revealed similar things.  Here’s what they had to say:” – John Bear

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“What I enjoy most are the people I work with. Lots of amazing folks who care and are knowledgeable.  I’m looking forward to integrating renewables into the fuel portfolio.  It’s a very exciting time for the industry.”  – Yok Potts

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“I Love working for a company that shows their appreciation and acknowledgement. I am proud to say I am a MISO employee.  I’m excited to be part of MISO as it improves and grows.” – Kim Woodward

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“I enjoy working with wonderful people and look forward to sharing my knowledge with new employees.” – Dan Munson

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“I’ve always been given the freedom to solve issues and develop systems in the best way I see fit. With all the changes happening in IT, I’m excited about where we are going with different technologies and automation which will bring us into a much more modern technological footprint.” – Stephen Behlein

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“I feel at home in the control room as I work with not only very knowledgeable but talented people.” – Fred Daniels

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“I’ve enjoyed the constant changes, continued growth and people at MISO. I look forward to the continued growth and helping pave the future.” – Jason Howard

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“Great place to work with smart people. I would like to use my various experiences and background to move MISO forward.” – Lisa Dandridge

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“Solving problems with our markets and developing and working with some of the brightest and most talented people in the industry. (Looking forward to) evolving our markets and developing the future leaders of our industry.” – Kevin Vannoy

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“The best thing about this company is the people I work with.” – Larry Gold

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“It’s been exciting to watch the company grow. I’m looking forward to implementing the markets of 2020.” – Paul Guckenberger

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“I look forward to helping re-shape MISO into a company that delivers value, is a great place to work and a leading RTO.” – Blagoy Borissov

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“I enjoyed the complexity and daily challenges of the work. Also enjoyed growing as a person/professional.  (I look forward to growing) further as a professional to play an impactful role at MISO.” – Scott Goodwin

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“I have enjoyed constantly learning something new in an always changing industry. I look forward to learning and solving the challenges we face today.” – Natalie Tutterow

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“I enjoy the comradery with my co-workers and my team. I look forward to seeing what is next for MISO.” – Lynn Stanley 

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“It’s an awesome and joyful journey through which I have learned from this group of most talented folks and made some good friends. I’m looking forward to providing value to the organization and its customers while learning new aspects of the industry.” – Neil Shah

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“Seeing how much the company has grown and matured. Looking forward to seeing continued growth and how MISO will face industry challenges.” – Steve Winkler

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“I appreciate the continual opportunity for education in various disciplines. I look forward to advancing my career with MISO.” – Abdul Young

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“I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to learn so much from incredibly talented people during the last 10 years. I’m looking forward to the next 10 years at MISO.” – Amber Alewine

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“I have enjoyed working with some really great and smart people on material matters. I look forward to working on some big challenges that we are facing in the coming years.” – Jim Kaminski

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“I enjoy the people I work with and the challenging work. Every day is different.  I look forward to learning new things about the business.” – Michele Preston

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“I have really enjoyed the team atmosphere and the opportunity for a new challenge. I’m really looking forward to continued personal growth and being part of building MISO.” – Rhiannon Shelley

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“I’ve enjoyed building relationships across MISO that will last a lifetime. I look forward to continuing to improve MISO and help mature our company.” – Ann Kotz

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“MISO provided my first full time opportunity out of college. It has been a great place to learn about the industry and offers many opportunities to learn about different areas of the company.  I look forward to taking part in tackling the challenges facing the industry.”  – Matt Sutton

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“For the 5 years of working at MISO I have grown, learned a lot and enjoyed working with MISO people. This was one of the most important 5 years of my life.  It is my first job and I feel really lucky.  Many more years to go. It is never going to be boring.  Challenge is always there.  Looking forward to more fun.” – Yating Jiang

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“The best thing about MISO is the people. I work for an awesome manager with a highly performing team and interact with so many good people.  I look forward to another 5 years at MISO incorporating new technology and processes to make what we do even more reliable, secure and efficient.” – Annette Hartman

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“I have enjoyed watching the company grow. Looking forward to continued innovation.” – Keith Wonders

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“What I’ve enjoyed most in my 10 years at MISO is watching the company evolve and grow along with the challenges. I’m looking forward to new challenges, new relationships and new opportunities.” Amy Smallwood

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“I have made many lifelong friends at MISO. I look forward to making more friends, continuing to learn and grow in the industry and teaching/mentoring new employees the same way my MISO mentors taught me.” – Cliff Risley

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The best part of the last 10 years has been the people I’ve been able to work with. I’m looking forward to rising to the challenges of the changing energy industry. ” – Laura Rauch

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“I enjoy the opportunity to work with very talented people and look forward to the challenges and changes we face in our industry..” – David Croy

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