MISO Introduces Market Symposium 2016

Plans are underway to hold MISO’s first Market Symposium in downtown Indianapolis this August.  The purpose of the event is to hear from industry experts and thought leaders about pressing challenges facing the industry.  Additionally, the event will examine what sort of market changes should be considered to best position MISO to meet these challenges.

“The goal is to hold an event that supports MISO’s strategic initiatives and focuses on value creation.  We want to attract the smartest people in our industry and have them come to Indianapolis for a serious discussion around designing the energy market of the future,” said Jeff Bladen, executive director of market services.

Day One of the event will focus on the wholesale market evolution and challenges associated with a decarbonizing grid.  Day Two will look at the future of distributed energy resources.  By hosting this dialogue, the MISO Market Services team hopes to:

  1. Provide a dedicated venue outside of the traditional stakeholder process for the MISO community to collectively explore longer-term challenges and opportunities with the support of leading experts in the industry.
  2. Provide a forum for the MISO community to explore emerging technologies and relevant solutions.
  3. Identify tangible research areas and questions that MISO R&D could pursue directly or through partnership.
  4. Position MISO as a potential research partner for exploring leading edge technical and business model changes.
  5. Formulate key challenges and solution topics, and bringing together leading minds to address these topics.
  6. Increase the efficiency by which MISO tracks and explores emerging opportunities.

Register to attend the MISO Market Symposium 2016 and find additional information about the event on the registration site.

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