Planning Makes All the Difference

Camping is a fantastic way to get outdoors and experience nature up close. But before you go off-grid its important to plan for the best and worse case scenario

  1. Check the Weather. Before you start packing, make sure you know what Mother Nature has in store.
  2. Choose the right campsite. Do you want something more domestic or are you looking to truly escape? Your decision here will dictate what type of supplies you will need.
  3. Map your route. Even if you are not planning to hike in to your campsite, its likely that you will have to spend some time off the main roads so make sure you know where you are and where you are going.
  4. Pack Adequately.  With your trip planned you can now gather all the essentials that will make this camping trip one for the books.

As it is with camping, planning is typically one of the most important elements to any successful venture. MISO’s Resource Adequacy construct ensures that generation resources are available to serve the needs of customers across the footprint. MISO’s most recent Planning Resource Auction identified the generation resources necessary to serve the energy needs of customers in the MISO footprint for the coming year, despite a smaller resource portfolio.

In total, 135,483 megawatts (MW) of planning resources will be available for the June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017 planning year. The resource breakdown looks like this:

  • 122,379 MW of generation resources – these are the generators you typically come to mind when you read about electricity generation. They could be wind turbines, coal-fired generators, natural gas, etc.
  • 3,462 MW of behind-the-meter generation – Behind the meter generators are ones that produce electricity for on-site use. An obvious example is a wind or solar farm on a college campus that generates electricity for the university.
  • 5,819 MW of demand resources – Demand Resources are facilities that can reduce consumption thereby increasing the amount of electricity that is available to serve customers.
  • 3,823 MW of external resources. External Resources are those that exist outside of the MISO footprint.

“The generation fleet across MISO is rapidly changing,” said Richard Doying, MISO’s Executive Vice President of Operations and Corporate Services. “While more generation is retiring, resulting in a tighter supply across the MISO region, the auction results show that there are sufficient resources to maintain reliability for this planning year.”

Less supply in MISO’s Central region, due to retirements and capacity exports, contributed to higher clearing prices in several zones. The decrease in available capacity is consistent with the 2015 OMS-MISO Survey.  As a result of the continued changes in the fleet, several zones relied on imports from other zones to meet their capacity obligations.

MISO’s Independent Market Monitor (IMM) reviewed the results and certified that the auction was properly administered. The IMM reviews all offers to ensure that attempts to exercise market power are appropriately mitigated and market outcomes are competitive.
With the correct equipment in place, we are primed for a great experience both on and off the grid!

More information about MISO’s Planning Processes is available on the MISO website.

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