Follow your Noble Heart

In January we launched our #PowerfulGiving campaign to share all the great ways MISO and our stakeholders are giving back to our communities and beyond. As we started talking about our own volunteerism, we realized that some of our employees are volunteering at the same organizations, unbeknownst to them. As it turns out, the world is smaller than we thought.

“I ran into Lisa at the 2014 annual fundraiser, the Noble Evening in the Garden, and learned she was on the Board of Directors,” recalls Karen King, who most recently served as President for the 2016 event. Lisa Dandridge has served on the Noble Board of Directors since 2012.  Both Karen and Lisa work for MISO; Karen in the Legal department and Lisa in Finance. Both have a passion for Noble, a local non-profit that serves adults and children with developmental disabilities in Indiana.

Noble serves approximately 1,600 individuals with special needs through a variety of services ranging from traditional therapies for children, advocacy and education, to services for adults such as community living, day services and employment.

I became involved with the Noble Auxiliary in 2009 because I loved the alternative therapies Noble offered, like art and music therapy for adults. The art programs bring so much happiness to the participants, but they are doing so much more than just painting a picture. They are being taught how to be entrepreneurs by selling their art in the Noble Art Depot, online and throughout the community and they are earning income. The Noble tagline, “Dream it. Live it.” reflects that support. The organization wholly respects and believes in endless possibilities for the people they serve.

Volunteering for their annual fundraiser, the Noble Evening in the Garden has been fun and rewarding at the same time. – Karen

I have always believed in giving back and using my gifts and talents to serve the community.  I support Noble’s mission to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families through individualized services.  Noble is focused on a lifetime of support for individuals with the disabilities and their families, knowing that their needs will change throughout their lifespan.  For babies and young children, the focus is as much on the family as it is on the child with the disability. As the child grows, they provide support that encourages greater independence.  I find it an honor to serve such a great organization, one that truly believes in making a positive impact on the lives of others. – Lisa

As an organization that both understands and believes in the power of community betterment, MISO encourages employees to utilize four paid work hours to contribute their talents to community service efforts each month. Additionally, MISO employees have the opportunity to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation through an annual giving campaign and various activities like the upcoming Walk for Wishes.

Visit the Make-A-Wish website for more information and to get involved.

Visit the Noble Indiana website to find out more about how you can volunteer and support Noble Indiana.

Is your organization giving back in a big way? If so, we want to know about it! Leave us a comment and use the #powerfulgiving and we’ll help you spread the word.

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