How Far Away Are We From The Jetsons?

I was a big fan of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, The Jetsons.  Surely most of you can remember the names of the characters on the show (they were in the theme song) but you probably don’t remember the robot maid (Rosie) or George’s bombastic boss (Cosmo Spacely?)  Don’t worry I had to look them up!

In the always-advancing technology that surrounds us, it can get fairly intimidating for the electric utility industry.  We are already talking about autonomous cars yet we haven’t even seen electric cars gain a large foothold.  Microgrids, solar, battery storage and many others are jousting for position as the next big thing.

Well rather than just hope for the best, MISO has teamed up with the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) to conduct our 1st-ever Market Symposium.  Recognizing that significant changes within the industry are underway, MISO is proactively bringing together thought leaders and innovators to provide insight on future market changes. Discussion will focus on the industry’s evolution and what is required for the next generation of energy markets.  The symposium will bring together leading experts to discuss industry trends and explore how MISO’s wholesale market can adapt to future changes. Topics to discuss this year include the market challenges of a decarbonized wholesale fleet and distributed energy resources, including storage, distributed solar and other new technologies.

So while I am a big fan of the super computers that The Jetsons predicted in 1962 (RUDI) the excitement of what is possible is almost matched by the uncertainty that we face.  Symposiums like the one MISO is conducting can go a long way towards getting us all better prepared. We look forward to bringing our brightest and most innovative minds together this August in Indianapolis.

Learn more about the 2016 Market Symposium and register to attend and/or showcase your innovative market solutions and technologies.

As always thank you for your commitment to MISO and all you do every day to keep MISO operating reliably!

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