Informational Forum gets a Face Lift

The Informational Forum is back with a new look. The revamped Informational Forum will be held 6-8 times annually and continues to provide stakeholders what they need to know about what’s happening in MISO.  As a new feature, MISO is bringing in industry experts to discuss pressing issues. On July 26, the Informational Forum launched with this new format.

It’s not just new speakers. The Information Forum still retains the latest news with what’s going on in MISO.  John Bear, President and CEO of MISO and other MISO leaders gave updates on key issues:

  • Executive report: summarized the latest developments on resource adequacy and the need for action in this area. Additionally, John spoke on transmission planning updates and provided an update and overview of the Market Symposium.
  • Market and Operations Update: MISO’s markets in June saw average load about 3.5 percent higher than usual, but with the same prices as last year. We set a year-to-date peak load on July 21, implementing our emergency pricing structure for the first time.
  • Finance Update: currently about $400,000 under budget, but are expected to break even by the end of the year.
  • Legal Update: there has been a drop in the number of filings made this year, and Board elections for three open seats are quickly approaching.

After these short reviews we heard from two great speakers that discussed key issues of importance within the power industry.

  1. Janet McCabe, the Acting Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation of the Environmental Protection Agency, gave an informative presentation on several EPA regulations affecting the power industry. Notably, she discussed the Clean Power Plan and gave an update on the current stay issued by the Supreme Court. Information was also given regarding Mercury and Air Toxics Standards and the Implementation of the 2015 Ozone Standard.
  2. Dr. Tim Heidel, Program Director at Advanced Research Projects-Agency (ARPA-E),talked about the partnership with MISO for the Market Symposium. He mentioned the importance of bridging the gap between the research community and power industry. This partnership will give researchers a chance to see industry problems and develop new advancements.

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