Winter Readiness is all about the “Ps”…….. Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Winter Readiness is all about the “Ps”…….. Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Preparation, prevention, and performance are key to keeping the lights on. In anticipation of “old man winter,” MISO is working with stakeholders to ensure their generators are ready to meet electricity needs this winter. It is extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold, that cause the most stress to the transmission system. The nation’s growing dependence on natural gas, especially during the winter months, creates challenges. This is why we strive to help MISO members and operators prepare for winter operations.  During the annual Winter Readiness Workshop, MISO stakeholders review operating procedures to ensure comprehension. They discuss forecasted conditions and collaborate on best practices. At the end of the workshop, participants are prepared to ensure system reliability and prevent poor performance. While the MISO region looks to have sufficient reserves, higher than forecasted electricity consumption and/or resource outages could pose reliability challenges for MISO.

MISO’s Winter Readiness Workshop takes place on Oct. 31 from 1-5pm – costumers are optional! Find event information, the link to register and a tentative agenda below.

Annual Winter Readiness Workshop – RSVP Today to ensure your seat!!

Oct. 31 from 1-5pm ET MISO-Carmel 720 City Center Drive, Carmel, IN 46032


  1. Winter 2015 – 16 Recap;
  2. Reminders about Energy Offer Cap and Real-Time Offer Enhancement
  3. Winter Generation 2016-17 Preparation
  4. Wind Generation
  5. Winter 2016-17 Resource Assessment
  6. Winter 2015-16 Fuel Assessment
  7. Procedures and Communication (including Emergency Operating Procedures, Alerts, Warnings & Events)



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