Got My Mind Set on You

“It’s gonna take time, a whole lot of precious time… It’s gonna take money, a whole lot of spending money…”

Do you remember those lyrics from the 1987 hit song, “Got My Mind Set on You” that George Harrison popularized? This song is about a man vying for the heart of a girl and embracing what it would take to win her affections – time, money and scope. Project management specialists refer to these as the triple constraints because adjusting one constraint affects the other two.

MISO’s Market Vision Roadmap is no different. The scope of this collection of projects is to make the market as efficient as possible while continuing to deliver reliable, wholesale energy to customers. MISO and stakeholder put a plan in place and began the march forward. In 2016 MISO implemented a more rigorous prioritization of projects and a more linear work plan than what was planned previously. Doing so necessitated a scope adjustment of some of the Roadmap projects. For example, MISO combined the Short-term Reserve Product and the Voltage and Local Reliability Uplift Product into one project based on a linkage between the two products. While the decision garnered support from stakeholders, the decision pushed out the implementation date for the combined project by two years. However, low natural gas prices, MTEP upgrades and revisions to operating guides have minimized the issues and the immediate need for these projects.

This is just one example of how MISO and the stakeholders are working together within the Market Roadmap structure to balance the triple constraints.  No one wants to waste “patience and time” or “spend a whole lot of money” and not “do it right child.”

Check out the Market Roadmap for the latest on MISO’s Market Enhancement Projects.


Did you know . . .

  • George Harrison popularized this song in 1987 but James Ray originally recorded the song in 1962.
  • George Harrison recorded three number one singles in the U.S. “Got My Mind Set on You” was the only number one hit without religious overtones.
  • Billboard ranked “Got My Mind Set on You” number three for 1988.

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