Diversity & Inclusion Make a Stronger Team

A colleague at MISO has an insightful quote in her email signature: “None of us is as smart as all of us.” That sentiment applies not only to the folks within MISO – it extends to our customers, stakeholders and thought-leaders who are helping shape the future of our industry.

The idea that the collective group is inherently better prepared to meet the challenges of the future is a key driver of our commitment to diversity and inclusion at MISO. In March, the MISO family, including those of us in the South, has been celebrating Women’s History Month. It’s a time many of us reflect on the greater ideals of diversity and inclusion for all people.

This is a topic of much discussion among business leaders today – and rightfully so, as diversity and inclusion can only strengthen a company’s performance. In fact, a recent Gallup study found that gender-diverse businesses reaped higher revenue and profits. The research also indicated such diverse teams perform better in working environments.

Since launching MISO South three years ago, we have made a concerted effort to cultivate a talented, diverse team and an inclusive working environment where ideas can thrive. Since Day 1, we have seen those broad experiences and insights contribute to a higher level of service for our members and more meaningful collaboration among our stakeholders.

If you walk into our offices in the South on any given day, you will meet people who represent many backgrounds, cultures and beliefs – and each one is engaged in making a positive impact on the service we deliver. At MISO, people are our greatest asset. It’s their collective intelligence and diversity of thoughts and ideas that drives the value we deliver for our region.

As we proudly perform in our fourth year of service across MISO South, we continually look for opportunities to broaden our perspectives and understanding to be the most reliable, value-creating Regional Transmission Organization. Those we serve should expect nothing less.

Todd P. Hillman is vice president for MISO’s South region, headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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