Leadership Spotlight: Glitch followed diverse career path to MISO

Keri Glitch describes her 25-year career as an interesting path rich with diverse challenges and opportunities.

In May, the veteran information technology and security leader assumed the helm of MISO’s robust information security operation.

“I started my management career at Wegmans Food Markets in the early 1990s,” Glitch recalls. “I began with the company as a cashier and then discovered the organization’s management intern program.”

After completing the supermarket’s intern training program, Glitch moved to distribution, where she took charge of a team of union truck drivers.

“I became a manager right out of college,” she notes. “I was the youngest manager over the fleet at the time – and it was very much a ‘learn by fire’ experience.”

Those were formative years for Glitch – time she used to build a sound foundation for a diverse career and an appreciation for hard work.

After a stint leading supply chain and distribution for a larger meat processor, Glitch saw the light of the energy industry.

“My dad always told me, ‘Keri, find a career where the product is always in demand’ – and I thought energy was certainly that opportunity,” Glitch says.

While managing supply chain and compliance for Energy East, Glitch soon had an opportunity to see a new side of the business.

“I had a wonderful manager who thought I had the potential to do more in my career,” Glitch remembers. “A management position opened in IT – and he thought the technical piece fit my background and desire to learn something new.”

It was the first step in a new career focus for Glitch. The pace that followed was fast and intense, as Glitch tackled roles with increasingly more responsibilities and scope.

Eventually, Glitch was named chief information officer for Energy East’s successor Iberdrola USA, which eventually became AVANGRID Inc.

“I managed the entire information technology function for the organization,” Glitch explains. “Barely a month on the job, I experienced a significant unauthorized access event that affected customers in all 50 states. The experience opened my eyes to the cyber security world.”

Glitch and her team worked together to isolate the impact and employ safeguards to prevent a recurrence.

A year later, another event exposed her to the interrelation between cyber and physical security.

“We had an employee access the hiring system and deface an external posting,” Glitch recalls. “It revealed to the management team that we have to think about cyber and physical security as a single concept. It’s about security – physical and digital.”

As a result, Glitch took on a new role – chief security officer – with responsibility for the organization’s comprehensive security programs, from those keeping people and facilities secure to those protecting critical information.

“These experiences – living and breathing through trying security events – helped me see the impact from a public perspective,” Glitch explains. “I realized the importance of having a robust security organization embedded within the organization.”

Glitch says MISO’s steadfast commitment to cyber and physical security helped lead her to the organization’s top information security post.

“I am fortunate to have the opportunity to join an organization with such a broad and consequential impact,” Glitch says. “From Day 1, the MISO board and senior leadership team have embraced a robust, proactive approach to protecting our assets.”

Glitch says she looks forward to leading the team of employees dedicated to the organization’s security.

“We will continually be moving to an ever more secure posture,” she says. “We will continue to grow the talents of our team as we embrace new tools and technology to help us.”

Glitch and her husband Dennis have twin daughters and recently relocated to Zionsville, Indiana, along with her mother.

“We’re still playing tourist in central Indiana,” Glitch says with a laugh. “We’re taking bike rides, sampling ice cream shops and enjoying the scenery. We’ve only been here a few months, and it already feels like home.”

Quick facts:

  • Name: Keri L. Glitch
  • Title: Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer and Senior Manager, Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • MISO start: May 2017
  • Education: BS, Business Management, SUNY Geneseo; MS, Rochester Institute of Technology

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