Final Thoughts from a MISO Intern

On Friday, Aug. 18, we said goodbye to our 2017 summer interns. We could not have asked for a better group of bright and driven students to welcome to our offices.

MISO hosted interns from a broad array of career fields. While many interns are on STEM-focused educational paths, some are pursuing other areas of study, including marketing, political science, human resources and journalism. Joining MISO’s External Affairs team from Indiana University, Cole Thompson had his first experience in both a corporate setting and technical industry. I’m sure this presented many challenges, but he handled it like a pro, and hopefully returns to finish his senior year as journalism major with a clearer career path in mind.

We enjoyed having all of our interns the past 12 weeks and wish them well as they wrap up their college careers and begin their professional journeys. Here are some final thoughts from Cole as he completed his last day:

I could not have asked for a better internship program to introduce me to life in a corporate setting. MISO has given me experience that I wouldn’t get sitting in a classroom and introduced me to people who have been some of the best teachers.

During my summer internship, I was given real and challenging work. My daily work included updating the external website, synthesizing internal documents and creating content for Corporate Communications. I rewrote, reformatted and edited the MISO officer and board of director biographies for the website, which was a particularly challenging project for me. I also worked on longer-term projects with Human Resources, Operations and Policy & Strategic Issues Management teams, including helping prep materials for conferences and conducting research. Part of what made my work at MISO enjoyable was being able to interact with all of these departments and learning more about the overall business. My biggest challenge was adjusting to the MISO writing style because I wasn’t used to writing in the language and tone that the company uses. But, after reading a lot of MISO documents and getting help from my team, I was able to catch on.

Every part of my internship at MISO was a new learning experience, but I think the most informative aspect was joining my team in Washington, D.C. We were able to meet with Xenophon Strategies, MISO’s public relations firm. By working with PR and communications professionals, I was able to better understand the agency side of our business. I gained a better appreciation for the value of differing perspectives working together to find a solution. I was also given time to ask my own questions in the meeting and get valuable advice on projects that I was working on.

Having an internship at MISO confirmed my career goals and helped give me a more clear direction for what I want to do when I graduate. I learned that working in corporate communications can provide a more diverse experience than I first realized. By working with a mix of verbal and written projects, I believe I have made significant progress toward becoming a better writer and communicator.

The invaluable experience that MISO provided for my career has promoted my personal and professional growth and will give me an edge above the competition when I enter the workforce. I can’t thank MISO enough for the opportunity that they gave me.

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