MISO Embarks on Customer Experience Journey

It’s no secret that customer experience is a cornerstone of organizational success – in almost any business. At MISO, we are continually working to enhance the experience our employees deliver to customers. It’s a foundation of our vision to be the most reliable, value-created RTO.

But, what does excellent customer experience look like at MISO? Is that really enough to achieve our vision?

Over the past decade, research institutions have taken a much harder look at what it takes to get and retain customers. Their findings indicate that organizations that are able to manage the entire customer experience (CX) realize huge rewards, including higher customer satisfaction, greater employee engagement more efficient process and increased revenue.

With approval from the Board of Directors, MISO engaged a premier CX vendor, West Monroe Partners, to help assess our customer experience and enhance how we design customer-facing services, processes and tools. In short, we want to put the customer’s considerations at the forefront everything we do.

We kicked-off our CX assessment in June with discovery interviews and workshops, followed by a senior strategy planning workshop where we defined our customer experience vision. Since that time, we have conducted more than 25 interviews with stakeholders and employees. We created stakeholder personas and mapped stakeholder journeys that help identify pain-points and solutions.

At MISO’s Board of Directors’ Corporate Governance and Strategic Planning committee meeting on Sept. 19, West Monroe presented a five-year roadmap of 17 initiatives in the areas of CX Foundations, Data Foundations, Organizational Change Foundations and CX Drivers.

Our next step is to begin socializing and evaluating the recommendations put forth by West Monroe with MISO employees and stakeholders, which will help us to understand what work is feasible and important to do in the short-term and what work should be considered further down the road.

These customer experience practices create opportunities to provide our cornerstones – Customer Service, Effective Communication and Operational Excellence in ways that create great end-to-end customer experiences.

Access the CX presentation to the Corporate Governance and Strategic Planning committee.


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