Former Intern’s 11 year MISO Journey

Today, you can find Trevor Hines working in Operations Information, but eleven years ago he was merely beginning his professional career as a MISO intern.

Like many interns, Trevor learned about MISO’s summer internship program online, but it was his family’s work experience in the industry that truly led him to energy.

Upon beginning his internship, the control room was a major selling point. But beyond Trevor’s awe of the control room, he found that his internship provided him one opportunity in particular he never expected – learning through relationships.

Trevor was given the freedom to talk to and engage with employees in all areas of MISO. Through one on one conversations he quickly realized the importance of collaboration at a company like MISO.

When looking back, he stated, “Especially in this industry, if you ever feel like you are subject matter expert or there is something you know everything about, if you think back to your role as an intern you will know that isn’t in a case. Everybody at MISO works together and serves very unique roles. There is always more to learn so don’t get comfortable.”

But what impacted Trevor most was who he talked to rather than what job they performed. Over a decade later, what he remembers the most from his internship are the relationships he formed with people. While his internship was a great learning experience, it was his fellow interns that made his summer more than an office job.

And that’s exactly why 11 years later Trevor is still here. He may not be sitting poolside with his fellow interns anymore, but he still finds himself surrounded by coworkers that make working at MISO more than just a job.

He says that what he loves about MISO is that he works alongside some of the most intelligent people he’s ever met. More than that, the people are simply great individuals.

It is not only the people that keep Trevor here, but the atmosphere that the people cultivate. The employees are always willing to help in any way that they can, whether that be through teaching you about a new facet of the company, introducing you to other employees, or allowing you to venture into a new role.

In the last ten years the energy industry has changed immensely. As tools and technology change, new jobs will continuously be created. MISO’s role in the industry may be quickly changing, but one thing that stands the test of time is MISO’s extraordinary employees. Trevor Hines can vouch for that.

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