How two MISO employees take our commitment to community service global

MISO has a clear commitment to service through its mission, but employees take this to the next level by participating in community service events. Two employees, Kayla De La Croix and Glenn Meiser, have proven their dedication to service by their efforts to help those in need in third world countries.

Kayla, a software developer, first visited Roaton, Honduras three years ago after being encouraged to go by a leadership group she was in at the time. After her first visit, she was hooked and knew she would return.

“I had never really done a mission trip like that before, but it seemed like something I would be interested in. Once I was there, I fell in love with the people and the island itself,” Kayla noted.

The work that Kayla participates in provides immediate needs for the community in Roaton, but also focuses on building relationships with the people she is helping. Mission Revive has brought down everything from medicine to sporting equipment and school supplies for the children in orphanages. The time that Kayla spent with the children in orphanages created some of her most fond memories. One of her favorite experiences was spending time with the orphanage boys at the beach then building a bonfire and seeing them roast s’mores for the first time. Spending time with these boys and in Roaton has given Kayla a new outlook on life.

“It gives you a better appreciation of what we all take for granted. It just the little things that you take for granted every day. You realize how fortunate we are here that we can have s’mores or even bathroom facilities. You’re always grateful when you land on American soil that you have a bathroom to go to,” Kayla stated.

Glenn Meiser, a storage lead, has had similar experiences to Kayla on a number of different overseas mission trips that he has participated in. Glenn began doing overseas mission work in 2005, and for the past 10 years he and his wife have organized a yearly mission trip to Ghana in West Africa.

Before the trip, Glenn spends time educating the volunteers about the cultures and customs of the region. He always makes a point to emphasize the importance of building relationships and encourages volunteers to get to know the people of Ghana. Glenn has taken his own advice and formed several meaningful relationships in Ghana. He has created a special bond with a young man who is Ghanaian “grandson.” In 2009, the two met and began working together. After they completed their work, the young man would ask Glenn many different questions, including marriage advice.

“When he did meet a girl that he fell in love with and eventually married, he asked me to come to his wedding and give the blessing,” Glenn recalled. “Two years later he called me up to say that [his wife] was going to have a baby, and the Lord told him it was going to be a boy and that he is naming him after his grandpa.”

Glenn’s memories of his past trips and the relationships he has made with the people of Ghana cemented the idea that this was what he had been called to do and he plans to continue his mission trips.

As MISO begins our month of service, these two incredible employees truly serve as an inspiration for the rest of the company.

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