The MISO Intern Experience

Friday, Aug. 18th marked the end of this year summer internship program. MISO was lucky enough to host 37 incredibly bright and driven students from a variety of different universities, majors and backgrounds. We enjoyed having all of our interns the past 12 weeks and wish them well as they wrap up their college careers and begin their professional journeys. Jayne Jaworowski, a corporate communications intern, shares her experience as a MISO intern. 

This year, I was one of 37 interns in the Carmel, Eagan, and Little Rock offices working to help to add value to MISO. We were given projects from our managers that made us feel like valued members of the team. Instead of just attending team meetings and listening to full-time employees talk, we were encouraged to speak up and contribute to the team.

“We are all experiencing a really unique opportunity, together. Not everyone can say that their college internships consisted of being given real work that contributes to a team. Not everyone can say they were included and encouraged to speak up in meetings, but we can,” Zoya Barker, Diversity and Inclusion intern, recalled.

On top of our everyday work, all of the interns attended intern specific events for opportunities to get to know each other, to network, to learn about MISO and most importantly, to have fun. Some of these events included bowling, lunches with MISO’s Advancing Modern Professionals resource group (AMP), executive outings, and numerous learning and development sessions exclusively for interns.

The executive outings, where interns and several of MISO’s senior level executives would have dinner, were always highly anticipated by the interns. It was a great opportunity to meet MISO’s leadership and ask questions from professionals with years of experience and knowledge.

“I was always looking forward to the next executive outing. The leadership is so willing to teach us more about MISO and what they do. It is great to have a less formal opportunity to connect with the executive team and ask them questions,” Akshay Sudhakar, IT intern, noted.

There were also events with AMP that gave us the opportunity to interact outside of the office. AMP members gave their perspectives as young professionals on work and life after graduation. Several AMP members had similar experiences to the interns and were able to offer guidance and support. All of these outings and intern specific events helped the interns to build relationships with full time employees and each other.

“For several of us, we are spending the summer away from home, away from our friends and family. By giving us the opportunity to build relationships beyond the realm of work, it really does make the summer more enjoyable,” said Michael Skvarek, IT intern.

Before heading back to school, the interns said their goodbyes and had one last event together. Every intern felt thankful for the valuable experience we gained during our summer at MISO.

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