MISO Through the Eyes of the “Newbies”

Beginning a new chapter at a new job can be unnerving. Often, when you are a “newbie” and you need to feel full of confidence and verve, these positive skills hide and refuse to come out. No amount of cajoling matters. Colleagues at MISO, fortunately, are instrumental in helping novices acclimate to their jobs and responsibilities. Answering questions about the business of an RTO, explaining the market and operations and pointing out administrative functions are just a few examples of how colleagues are there to help steady the new employees. The collegiality is always present, and MISO presents a welcoming culture.

Four somewhat new MISO employees were asked to share their views about what it is like and how it feels to be a rookie at MISO. These employees answered questions, including first impressions, challenges and their biggest surprise, among others about their first six months at MISO.

Following an internship at MISO, David knew he wanted a job where he can apply his degree in electrical engineering. One of his professors has worked with MISO and talked to him quite a lot about it. David was interested in working for an ISO early on and landed a full-time job at MISO after graduation. “The environment here is really open. You feel free to ask questions of the very experienced people around you,” said David. “Communication is key. There is open discussion and conversation. I learned a lot about how to communicate more effectively,” he added.

Justin, based in Little Rock, comes to MISO with experience in the energy field, having worked previously at a utility company. In this capacity, he would hear about the RTOs, and what they do in the energy world, which sounded intriguing. He set his sights on future employment at an RTO, MISO to be exact. Justin is effusive when talking about how willing his co-workers are to answer his questions and deepen his knowledge of the inner workings of the company. Justin views the MISO employee pool as full of talent, “I love it! There is so much innovation and collaboration and MISO works at a very fast pace,” he said.

The team environment at MISO is attractive to Jelena as is her desire to work where she can make a difference. Fresh out of college, she landed a finance role at MISO. While here, Jelena learned the importance of keeping an open mind, adaptability and to stay “on your toes and leave your comfort zone.” Jelena also notices that MISO takes good care of its employees and there is a strong sense of professionalism with an opportunity to grow.

The immense size of the MISO footprint is quite remarkable to Jeremy as is the number of MISO employees. In his position, Jeremy gets a chance to work across the entire enterprise. Prior to MISO, Jeremy worked for Congress and appreciates the role that networking plays in both jobs. “The important role that MISO has in keeping the lights on at an affordable price is quite impressive and why I am glad to be at MISO,” according to Jeremy.

When asked what advice the current novices would give to incoming MISO employees, Jeremy thinks they definitely should network: “Don’t just stay in your cube or smart office space. Talk to others and understand what they do. This will help make the big picture clearer.”

Why do MISO employees help the new employees so much?  Perhaps, they are empathetic– they once wore the Newbie shoes…or, perhaps, it is a golden thread intricately woven into the MISO culture. Either way, these four MISO employees are grateful for the guidance, direction and support from their MISO colleagues.

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