The MISO Customer Experience Through a Data-Driven Approach

In this customer-centric world, customer ratings matter; customer experiences matter even more. The successful enterprise consistently asks its customers about their recent experiences or interactions with that enterprise. It puts the customer at the center of its focus as it decides how to improve and enhance its services.  Whether you are a hospital, restaurant or electric company, your interactions with the customer can be your glide path or your brick wall.

MISO is no different. We are here to serve our customers, and we care about their opinions of MISO – how we provide value, and where we can improve to make interactions easier and more productive. MISO has asked our customers for feedback for many years using an annual customer opinion survey. Unfortunately, this annual process has not produced much actionable or timely information. That is changing, and for the better.

Now, and moving forward, MISO is surveying its customers multiple times per year and is drilling down to determine what customers seek from MISO, how and when. The questions are targeted at the quality of their experiences and specific interactions with MISO. “We want to know what our customers expect from us,” according to Kari Bennett, Executive Director of MISO Customer Experience. “How do our customers feel about the relationship we are providing? Are we providing value? We are asking a targeted set of questions to evoke actionable feedback,” Bennett added.

This new customer feedback process is part of MISO’s broader investment in customer experience, which is driven to address the needs of our customers through:

  • Partnerships between MISO and our customers to address issues collaboratively
  • Pro-active communications and coordination for operations and servicing
  • Easier access to data and information

In the future, an integrated platform for engagement will be created to enable a comprehensive view of the customer. MISO and customer data will be leveraged to identify opportunities and anticipate risks. More importantly, rather than reacting to customer demands, we will use a proactive response to customers through a data-driven approach. MISO will build self-service functionality for customers and automate processes for aligning data across all interactions with us. Our process improvements and enhancements across our business areas will be established through a customer point of view.

How MISO is viewed by its customers will result in actionable and measurable steps that will inform how MISO prioritizes its investments in better processes and technology. Why? To serve the customers’ needs and continue on our journey to be a trusted RTO partner.

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