Pre-Screen with the POI Tool

Identifying where congestions are expected in the MISO footprint is now at your fingertips with the launch of the MISO POI Self-check Tool on the MISO website

The ingenuity and collaboration of four MISO employees (Ron Dawson, Paul Duer, Tung Nguyen, and Kun Zhu) led to the creation and deployment of the MISO “Points of Interconnection (POI)” Self-check Tool. Collaborating with the MISO team was Carto Vista that brought 25 years of mapping innovation experience to the project. Carto Vista assisted in the creation, development, and testing of the map and the background logic. A critical focus was applied to the Graphical User Interface of the tool.

The POI is designed to help Interconnection customers pre-screen for potential POIs. This tool does not replace a generator Interconnection study as it does not consider all system conditions. Also, it does not include voltage or stability constraints. Nevertheless, it can help Interconnection customers rule out some potential costly POI where heavy congestions are expected.

Here are the simple steps to take after you locate the POI Self-check Tool on the MISO website:

  1. Select an area on the map
  2. Enter a MW amount (required)
  3. Filter POI based on kV level (optional)
  4. Select POI to see results

Once you have analyzed a few Points of Interconnection you can use the Summary Tab in the table to see a combined view of results.

MISO colleagues continually look for ways to collaborate and better serve MISO members and stakeholders. The POI Self-check Tool is a great example of the determination and creativity of MISO employees and their vendors.

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