My MISO Internship Experience

Like many recent events, MISO transitioned our 2020 summer internship program to a virtual experience. Our interns demonstrated their adaptability in embracing this change and employees worked collaboratively to give them the summer internship we have become known for. As we bid farewell to this talented group of students, we invite you to hear what Jenna Marron thought of her time at MISO.

2020 – the year of uncertainty. There’s no doubt that this year has already caused as much stress and disappointment as a combined five years would have under normal circumstances.  Plans have been changed, dreams have been put on hold and daily worries have become immense. While all this has absolutely applied to my year, especially after my study abroad program was cut short and I had to flee the country with 24 hours’ notice (a story for another time), there has been one bright spot – my internship with MISO.

Going into a virtual internship program leaves for many questions and like everything else today, much uncertainty. However, my excitement and gratefulness for this opportunity blinded my worries and concerns and I was able to allow myself to dive into this experience open, motivated and ready to grow. That spirit and drive was equally met by the people here at MISO. From day one, I felt valued and important. This continued to motivate me and allow me to give my 110% each day here at MISO, well not exactly “here” but virtually.

From my early interactions, it became clear to me that I was meant to be at MISO this summer, virtually or not. It was easy to connect with my team members, fellow interns and, of course, the wonderful HR team. The assignments I spent my days working on gave me purpose and fully supported my career goals, by strengthening my weaknesses and letting me show off my talents. This internship experience pushed me outside my comfort zone but gave me the confidence to ask a million questions, it allowed me to observe the professional workplace while staying safe behind my computer screen and, lastly, it inspired me to want to continue growing, learning and developing.

I’ve always held the belief that learning is never-ending, and the idea of mastering a task is a lie. There is always more to improve on. MISO set up their internship program to allow me to continue improving, while simultaneously pointing out my good works. The people here have found a way to perfectly balance applause with advice. I feel as though that is crucial in the development of young professionals.

Now, I know I am one person, who had one job, for one summer, but I do believe MISO to universally be encouraging, challenging, and an exciting place to work for any individual. While the content of everyday work may not be a perfect fit for everyone, the people here don’t come around every day and that, quite frankly, can make all the difference.

Thank you, MISO, for your commitment to young professionals and for your ability to adapt under any circumstance, and to the many people who impacted my internship experience – you will not be forgotten.

By: Jenna Marron, Strategic Communications Intern (Summer 2020)

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