Three Reasons You Should Be Using Teams

There is no doubt that in the current business environment we find an ever-present need for efficient, collaborative technologies within organizations. While much collaboration typically happens in person, there are numerous reasons that help to support the claim that proper virtual communication is crucial. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, companies, including MISO, have realized the need to enable a remote workforce. Whether employees are out of town, caring for a sick child or there’s another worldwide pandemic, organizations are finding value in equipping their employees with the ability to work virtually.

There are other reasons to take advantage of the technology and resources that MISO has provided to employees. Considering both the general need for an effective, collaborative, cloud-based technology and the new data initiatives, there is one technology that clearly is the best option for our employees to be using, that being Microsoft Teams. Below are a few reasons we have found Teams to be an effective platform.

1.     Reduces reliance on emails

The more Teams is used, the less you need to create emails. By using email less, you help manage compliance, legal and information protection risk. The Teams chat feature makes it much easier to ask quick questions and receive fast responses. If confusion strikes, simply instant message (IM) a project manager, if clarification is needed for an intern, IM that intern, if a 1:1 meeting is desired, IM the person of interest. In turn, this will cut down on email overflow and help to save storage space, which is something we desire here at MISO. Goodbye to overwhelming email inboxes and hello faster response times.

Another specific aspect that makes Teams easy is to use is the Teams smartphone app. The app creates a way to remain connected by enabling a way to quickly view, respond and send instant messages to co-workers while away from the computer.

2.     Increases collaboration

Collaboration is one of MISO’s five core values, and rightfully so. We thrive off working together, and Teams greatly enables that. It provides a way to view availability, allowing for transparency and a greater ability to know when it is a good time to contact someone. For example, when an employee is in a meeting it shows a small red circle and when someone is out of the office it shows a small purple circle. Teams automatically links to Outlook calendars, which is how they find this information, but the program also allows for manual availability setting. Teams allows people to simultaneously work on a Word document, PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet. Not only can items be worked on at the same time, but all edits are saved directly into the one shared project.

3.     Enables and strongly encourages organization

Teams offers many ways to keep schedules, documents teams and projects organized. There is a planner app, as well as a calendar app that, as previously mentioned, is linked to Outlook calendar. All information, content and discussions can be held on the program. Containing everything in one place, provides a fantastic opportunity to be organized.

For the most part, Teams can replace use of many other programs. The application offers video conferencing, instant messaging (one-on-one or group), project planner, calendar, employee contact list, corporate organization chart and the ability to collaborate in programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It provides one place for all group, team and project information to be stored and actively managed.

Overall, Teams supports successful, organized, stress-free employees by offering a secure, effective and storage-conscious platform. Stay organized and collaborate by using Teams over other platforms.