MISO Provides $3.5 Billion in Annual Benefits

The constructive working relationship of MISO and its members yields a multitude of benefits to the MISO members through the hard work, values and ingenuity of MISO employees.

How much in benefits? MISO delivered $3.5 billion in annual benefits to its members across the MISO region, according to the MISO 2020 Value Proposition study. That’s a lot of clams. These cost savings for the MISO members are driven by enhanced reliability, more efficient use of the region’s existing assets and a reduced need for new assets.

The Value Proposition study is a quantification of value provided by MISO for the region, including the entire set of MISO market participants and their customers. While the study focuses on quantitative benefits, there also are qualitative benefits that are provided such as price and data transparency, planning coordination and seams management and they are difficult to quantify.

Some of the areas of benefits are:  improved reliability, compliance, dispatch of energy, demand response and footprint diversity. All of these benefits, and more, are provided by MISO while its cost structure has remained relatively flat, representing a small percentage of overall benefits. Given that MISO would not be financially viable if it were not for its members, it is imperative that MISO be able to quantify for them exactly how MISO has provided approximately $3.5 billion in annual regional benefits to its members. And, since 2009, MISO has documented over $30 billion in benefits.

The MISO region is facing a Regional Reliability Imperative. MISO is working across the organization to be prepared, and that work will impact how we talk about and quantify the value we deliver to our members in the future.

The MISO 2020 Value Proposition study is available on the MISO website.

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