A Look Inside the Women’s Resource Group

Editor’s Note: This article is written by Jerri Jackson.

Grow. Connect. Support. Three simple but powerful words that are the pillars of how the Women’s Resource Group (WRG) serves the community of employees at MISO.

According to Laura Rauch, WRG chairperson and director of MISO settlements, “The Women’s Resource Group exists to support the women within MISO, providing opportunities for new employees as well as those branching out within the MISO community to learn and network. Members also can demonstrate capabilities and highlight leadership skills through service, whether organizing events or participating on the leadership team of the WRG.”

Founded in 2015, the Women’s Resource Group now spans all three MISO offices (Carmel, Indiana; Eagan, Minnesota; and Little Rock, Arkansas). The WRG is a community of diverse women and men focused on supporting and encouraging the development of MISO employees. Kendall Glavash, WRG vice chairperson and manager of MISO talent development states, “2021 is a year focused on collaboration, which is one of MISO’s Core Values. We are partnering with other MISO employee resource groups and MISO’s Diversity & Inclusion Council to sponsor virtual keynote speaker events. MISO’s first quarter 2021 Core Training program on Emotional Intelligence is the result of our partnership with MISO talent development.”

Each March, in celebration of Women’s History Month, the WRG sponsors a career-focused panel discussion This year the event is on March 30. The panel will feature Todd Ramey, MISO vice president and chief digital officer and executive sponsor of the WRG, and MISO employees Andrea Terry and Erin Stojan-Ruccolo discussing the topic “Choose to Challenge.” The panel will be moderated by Kalliah Bruce, an engineer in MISO resource utilization who works in the Eagan office.

Panel discussions have always been a popular offering, but over the past year, WRG has been especially attuned to finding additional ways for employees to consume content as time allows. The WRG is in the process of creating a podcast series covering the book, The Influence Effect.

Another critical activity of the WRG is supporting local STEM programs to raise awareness of MISO and the electric industry. The vision for this effort is to inspire youth today to impact the electric industry tomorrow by being ambassadors for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) for our local communities. This aligns with the national program of the US Department of Energy, which is committed to advancing women’s participation and leadership in the energy workforce.

Above all, the WRG brings MISO’s Core Values to life as it supports the community. This self-motivated group has adapted to change and is responsive to the needs of its employee members and the broader community, evolving its activities over time to grow, connect with and support one another.